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Living by the Lake – Choose to live in lakeside apartments in Bangalore

Bangalore is still popularly referred to as the city of lakes. It came into existence as the result of widespread bund construction in the sixteenth century. However, over the years, the city has rapidly evolved into a commercial hub and vast parts of it have undergone complete revamp. The evolution was a welcome change in terms of development but heavy construction has taken a toll on many of the beautiful lakes. Out of a staggering 51 lakes in the city, about 17 good ones remain. 

As a mass initiative to conserve the lakes, the lake development authority is allowing real-estate developers to invest in lakeside lands for apartments in Bangalore rather heavily. Since people buying the apartments will enjoy great value, the lakes can hopefully be conserved in the long run.


Leaving aside the conservation aspect for some time, let’s also think about how the personal preferences of residents have changed. With a huge emphasis on work-life balance, most people see home as the place to unwind and keep work at bay completely. Serene landscapes, calm lakeside views, lush green gardens with a balance of developed infrastructure like roads and lighting are some features that attract people to purchase contemporary apartments in Bangalore.  
 Most of the lakes are also in close proximity of commercial centres, shopping malls and schools, and hence construction around these lakes makes most apartments in Bangalore a winning residential destination. 

Let’s take a sneak peek at some of the lakeside apartments in Bangalore –
 Bren EdgeWaters – The name is self-explanatory. These apartments in Bangalore promise fresh air and grand vistas of the beautiful Harlur Lake. Bren EdgeWaters has exceptional spaces created with emphasis on giving the residents a great living experience. Packed with amenities, the apartments are located off Sarjapur Road.

Nestled in close proximity of renowned schools, commercial centers and shopping malls, Bren EdgeWaters is an obvious choice if you are looking for apartments in Bangalore for the long haul. 

Bren EdgeWaters is fuelled by an innovation-led, future-focused developer, committed to deliver breath-taking structures. They are a perfect combination of luxury, comfort, technology and security, making them great for residents as well as investors. Bren EdgeWaters, located near Bangalore’s technology hubs, is a self-contained haven of peace, calm and tranquillity. That is what makes it not just a house, but a home. Relive your dreams every day. We can imagine you smiling, recalling that moment when you decide to have your home at Bren EdgeWaters.

To know more details about the project – http://www.brenedgewaters.in

JJC Lakevihar – Situated beside the KR Puram Lake, JJC Lakevihar are apartments situated on Old Madras Road, Bangalore East. 

Lakeside Heights – These apartments in Bangalore are located in the Whitefield area close to Varthur Lake. 

TG Lakevista – Located close to Begur Lake, TG Lakevista offers 2/3 BHK apartments in Bangalore. 

Lake Mist – A combination of villas and apartments, Lake Mist is located in Yelahanka. Facing the Attur Lake, these apartments in Bangalore are in the Northern part of the city.   

VS Lake Dew – Privatized lakeside apartments in Bangalore, located near Haralur Road. 

Aries Lake View – Located near Jakkur Lake, Aries Lake view are apartments situated in the northern part of Bangalore. 

Brigade Lakefront – Located in Whitefield, EPIP zone, these apartments in Bangalore are also based on the concept of creating spaces which have the right blend of nature and urban elements. 

Prestige Lakeside Habitat – This project comprises Disney-themed lakeside apartments in Bangalore situated near Varthur Lake, on Sarjapur Road.  

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