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Does Wimax Technology Actually Evolves From Wireless LAN?


The increasing use of wireless networks in the field of communicating in and outside dwellings and offices had compelled the technology experts to devise new methods and high speed data transfer services to be provided by protocols through large-scale networks. Lately introduced 4G and 2 G, 3G are some of the technologies which have been introduced to provide wider access in the communicating marketplace like www.data-alliance.net through wireless web availability. WiMax that was newly introduced technology is supposed to be Wi-Fi’s lengthy form as they both work equally with some variations. To be able to understand not or whether WiMax technology evolves from WiFi you may have to understand the similarities and distinctions in the technologies.

Likenesses between WiMax and Wi-Fi technologies

Both WiMax and WLAN work practically likewise. Your Wi-Fi router provides wireless internet accessibility in an enclosed place like libraries, your house, resort, restaurants or cafe but in case you’d like this connectivity while shifting out afterward it can’t serve you. Principal issue with Wi Fi technology is that quite limited area is covered by its hot spots. Because of this it became necessary to devise a brand new technology that can offer high speed wireless internet protection to Wi-Fi hot spots in a broader area. In this technology a group of Wi-Fi hotspots can be used to make a WiMax network to provide wireless internet Accessibility even in sub-urban areas and the rural at a very affordable cost. Hence it can be rightly mentioned that WiMax technology evolves from wireless local area network.

Differences between WiMax and Wi-Fi technologies

Some of the principal differences between WiMax and Wi-Fi technologies are provided here under to understand the technologies exactly.

Difference in their own name: On the contrary WiMax means Worldwide Interoperability for Microwave Access to meet the technical and commercial needs of the term.

Difference in IEEE standards: Wi Fi was released in 1997 with IEEE categorization of 802.11x where x represents distinct versions of wireless local area network.

Difference in variety: the optimum range of a perfect Wi Fi is about 100 meters whereas the variety of a perfect network can serve you upto 80-90 kilometers.

Difference in rate of data transfer: Data-transfer of Wi-Fi network’s rate is upto 54mbps whereas upto 40mbps is varied by the speed of data exchange in WiMAX network depending upon space as it covers fairly bigger area than Wi-Fi network.

Difference in band frequency usage: The user need not pay any additional costs for utilizing the band frequency of wireless local area network because it is defined under ISM bands. On the other hand you’ll be able to use unlimited band frequency of WiMAX as its protocols work in the ISM bands. The customers might be billed if they use accredited version of the frequency for utilizing WiMax frequency.

But despite numerous differences between the two technologies it can fairly be said that WiMax technology evolves from Wi-Fi as there is little difference in their own working.

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